The Center for Body Computing believes in delivering value and innovation through long-term, deep engagements with its members and collaborators. We provide the following services to our members:

Needs Assessment
The CBC will conduct a comprehensive needs assessment in conjunction with your company to determine specific goals which your company would like to achieve through an engagement with CBC.  This process results in a very specific list of objectives and deliverables customized to the needs of your company.

Envisioneering Session
CBC will conduct a 1.5-day envisioneering session bringing together experts from the technology, medical, and other required sectors, with the objective of creating a Strategic Plan to achieve the objectives resulting from the Needs Assessment.  These experts will be chosen from the CBC network of corporate and organization contacts, and from our internal USC network of clinical scholars, scientists and researchers in these sectors. CBC will also secure experts outside of our existing networks if needed.  Our Envisioneering sessions consistently yield practical, real world guidance culled from a wide variety of viewpoints which serve to look at all aspects of solving a complex problem. The breakdown is as follows: 

Day One - The first full day is a guided discussion where each expert presents his or her capabilities and how it may help solve the challenge we are focusing on.  We then break down the issue into smaller aspects and lead discussion designed to solve each issue.  The end part of the session is focused on bringing together all aspects of the issue which have been discussed in order to look at the entire challenge and how our combined solutions weave together into an overall potential solution.

Day Two - This half day session is devoted to first, a review and summary of the previous day's discussion and conclusions. Then focus turns to developing a real world roadmap specifically designed to lay out solutions to the problem being addressed.

Strategic Plan
The Needs Assessment and Envisioneering session yields a thorough Strategic Plan which includes a roadmap of exactly how the CBC will engage with your company to achieve the objectives created from this process.  It will include a grid of deliverables and a timetable to illustrate exactly how and when objectives will be achieved.

Professional Presentation Video
The entire Envisioneering session is videotaped.  A final professionally produced video will be provided to your company for internal/external use.  Our partner Planet Grande, who films many of our projects, is an Emmy award-winning production company well known for its high quality work.

Consulting Calls
For more complex engagements the CBC has found that regularly scheduled consulting calls can be very useful for our engagement partners to provide consistent guidance and recommendations.

Dr. Leslie Saxon
Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Body Computing, is seen worldwide as a visionary in the digital health, medical and technology sectors. Her guidance is in high demand due to her unique, multifaceted understanding of the development and successful execution of innovative digital health products and services. From patient-facing to consumer-facing, Dr. Saxon has a 360-degree understanding of the complex medical and technology issues involved in accurately advising companies wishing to bring digital health products to market. Dr. Saxon also plays an integral role with the FDA in developing international regulation around digital health technologies, serving as a member of the SaMD (Software as a Medical Device) Clinical Evaluation Working Group, which is part of the International Medical Device Regulators Forum. The group is charged with creating a guidance document for the clinical evaluation of software as a medical device.

Access to the CBC Ecosystem of Experts
In addition to the core team at CBC, your company would also have access to a diverse group of experts in fields ranging from entertainment, content, and design, to name a few.  Please refer to our website for a more complete list:

Clinical Trials and Pilot Testing
Through our world renown Keck School of Medicine at USC your company would have the opportunity to work with the CBC to conduct clinical trials and/or pilot testing for any product developed through a membership with the CBC, or even products your company has developed separately.  These trials provide invaluable real world guidance on how to produce digital health products/services that will actually get used by consumers and become part of their lifestyle instead of sitting unused on a shelf.

In addition to conducting instructive clinical trials through our Keck medical facility, the vast resources of USC also offer a unique way of testing new digital health products and services. From students to faculty to medical professionals to athletes and beyond, USC has a diverse population to conduct rigorous, transparent and replicable studies and tests. 

IP and Other Commercialization Opportunities
During our process, there have been many times when valuable IP is developed which can then be commercialized into new revenue streams.  USC and the CBC are leaders in research but we firmly believe our ultimate goal with our engagement partners is to create added value and revenue for our members. 

Publishing and Dissemination
Our work with your company may yield valuable White Papers and other potential publishing opportunities as it regularly does with other members.  This would help position your company as a cutting-edge, forward thinking company determined to deliver the highest level of digital healthcare. 

Access to USC Global Resources
Relevant faculty, staff, students, and programs  at University and assistance in developing cross-disciplinary relationships.            

Technology Design and Development
Opportunity to individually sponsor research, license technology or pursue other collaboration arrangements with the University pursuant to separately negotiated agreements.

Thought Leaders
Access to the Center’s leadership, idea sharing, feasibility and vetting, validation strategies and facilitating group discussions with appropriate stakeholders. 

Networking Opportunities
Access to CBC relationships with established and start-up companies, telecom, design, finance, social media, hospitals, governments, NGOs and payer communities to promote development of digital health products/services.

Public Relations
Members may reasonably participate in the Center’s media outreach, social networking, and strong relationships with the media.


Contact Scott Dorman, Managing Director, to discuss tailoring an engagement with the CBC according to your specific needs: